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"Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit." - Aristotle


Ms. Freed has over 20 years experience in personal and corporate finance, preceded by nearly 10 years of manufacturing engineering. She received her MBA (finance) from Concordia University in 1983.

Her company currently offers a wide variety of financial services to both individuals and businesses, including: investments and portfolio optimisation; tax control and preparation; financial seminars; cash flow, budgeting, debt management and sources of financing; treasury management; foreign exchange; etc.

In addition to her business activities, Ms. Freed also teaches finance at Concordia University, as a part-time lecturer. Her courses range from the most basic to the most advanced, including: Introduction to Administration and Perspectives on Business (both courses are for non-commerce majors); Introduction to Finance; Theory of Finance (capital markets); and Derivatives: Futures & Options (the last course before graduation for many finance majors).

Before striking out on her own, Ms. Freed was previously the senior Treasury officer, the Assistant-Corporate Secretary, and a corporate officer of a major Montreal multi-national corporation. The corporation had sales and assets in excess of several billion dollars.

In Treasury, her responsibilities included management of an investment portfolio of $200-$250 million, financial risk management, approximately $1 billion per year of foreign exchange transactions, control of over $1 billion per year in accounts payable, and all other treasury functions.

Additionally, she was a key player in several of the largest financial transactions that have ever occurred in Canada. These transactions included a $750 million non-recourse project financing, a $1.2 billion acquisition financing, a $463 million Initial Public Offering (IPO) and a $2.2 billion merger financing.

Prior to beginning her second career in finance, Ms. Freed was employed in aerospace manufacturing. She worked on projects such as the Viking Lander, the Space Shuttle and the Canadair Challenger; managing departments producing precision components and master tooling through the use of computer aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM), as well as through traditional manufacturing processes.